piel desnuda

Another coffee shop this morning for a light breakfast. Some light work in the morning followed by tacos and and torta for lunch. B came by shortly after I got back from lunch. We fooled around and I got very little work done. Está bien.

Afterwards we went downtown do to some shopping, her hand in mine. Hey, sure beats shopping alone. At the Soriano I had to shout “Piel Desnuda!” and point and the condoms I wanted. We ate gorditas and drank Mexican soda and watched gente walking by in the plaza principal. Just the kind of night I wanted from this city.

We went home and really went after it. Long, slow foreplay just how she likes. Everything slow and sweet, but the clothes did eventually come off. I licked her for a while and wouldn’t you know that sweet girl ended up riding my face? Quite a lovely thing to see after the quiet and shy act for the past couple of days.

She was on top riding me with complete abandon when she bent my dick out of shape. Yeah I know. Still makes me wince thinking about it. I licked her until she came as a reward for injuring me. B left relatively early so I found myself alone in the apartment at night with a bad case of the antsies. Where would I go? What would I do? I went for a long walk. I passed bar after bar and restaurant after restaurant but couldn’t bring myself to walk in to any.

I gave up. Went home and ordered takeout.

Food for thought: what are the chances that this whole debacle ends up being nothing more than undeniable and unavoidable proof that I can’t escape myself? No matter where I go in the world my same old self is coming along for the ride as well.






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