preguntas incomodas

two weeks of foolishness and disorder!

yes, only a little over two weeks here in yucatan. I arrived with no particular plan but then again that’s nothing new. i have spent most of this time playing house with breidy. it’s been largely pleasant; we almost became novios. Le pedí que fuera mi novia pero cambié de idea justo unos días despues. I told her that we couldn’t be together and that it was mejor to end things now. i was resolved. I had closure. or so i thought.

i had a few things of hers that she had left behind. I had planned to drop them off outside her door without speaking. por pura chance, ella me vio caminando por el parque cerca de su casa y me seguío. we ended up walking and talking for a while. and she told me that, well, why not enjoy once last little ratito de tiempo juntos? I was seduced by her logic — it’s so easy to fool myself into thinking that I can have her cake and eat it too

last weekend I decided it was high time to resolve the question of my too-quickly expiring tourist visa and hopped on a bus to Chatemal on the Belizian border. after entering belize, I could get a stamp from immigration and the crucial few extra weeks that I needed to complete my time here in mexico as I’ve been planning to do.

well, algo salío mal con ese plan. I crossed into la zona libre on the border. My understanding on crossing into la zona libre was that I was effectively leaving the country. Immigration disagreed, and told me that I never left the country, never received an exit stamp, and so they weren’t about to give me a new entry stamp.

Not gonna lie, that was a real ding to the pride and my idea of myself the great, independent, wandering problem solver. i prowled in oppressive heat of la zona libre cursing my hubris, cursing the 6 hours bus ride, and above all the waste. the waste of money, and effort that it was all shaping up to be. What embarrassed me the most was the idea of showing back up in yucatan empty handed, with the same expiring shit passport, and nothing but a bad attitude and a few hundred dollars missing from my bank account.

well, I made it back to chetumal and managed to pass a decently relaxing evening. I read, I drank, I ate well, I watched the sunset. when a summer storm rolled into the malecón, I called it an evening and headed back to the hotel. I thought I had made peace with my mistake, but it was a rough, sleepless night.






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